LA 3:30 PM BBQ for traders

Discussion in 'Events' started by BearTrading, Jun 12, 2010.

  1. BearTrading

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    Hi Everyone,

    Open BBQ in Beverly Hills on 240 S. Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, CA

    starts at 3:30PM today, Saturday June 12th.

    Please RSVP - we will do our best to secure street parking.
  2. just mail the plane tix and we will consider it :cool:
  3. BearTrading

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    Thank you everyone for coming out!
    We enjoyed speaking with you. Best of luck in trading.
  4. Thanks for the coolest party of the year! welcome to LA, best of luck!

    I want to add that the management of Bear trading are very cool guys, who are themselves successful traders, and if you in NY don't miss the opportunity to check out their open house on June 17th, at the last party there were several very successful traders and the amount of info and fun was way above expectations!
  5. Is there a Chicago event pending? :confused:
  6. nitro


    Chicago is a very bad place for these things. The people that throw these events are trying to generate business. People in Chicago that are in the business already don't care, and the ones that are not in the business don't ever plan to be. The Bright brothers figured this out long ago.