l@@K at this con job

Discussion in 'Forex Brokers' started by trading_time, May 11, 2006.

  1. http://www.fxtrader.net/

    This looks like a extreme con job. They charge $40 for a demo, Also the spreads are ridiculously low. Anyone heard of emm b4?
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    lol - look at the customer service rep in the top right corner - she looks like a malnourished crack hoe!

    1000:1 margin!
  3. ddunbar

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    Fund account with credit card? LOL.

    1000:1 margin? LOL.

  4. Somewhat OT: Do Prop firms offer 1000:1 leverage?
  5. traderob


    Most forex brokers fund by credit card I think. FXCM, FXSOl both do.

    Oanda does by paypal.
  6. Any firm offering credit cards is just bad news. I would never trade with such a firm personally.
  7. Ebo


    I guess Fidelity is a Bucket Shop too offering an AMEX!
    Why do I bother anymore?

    Do you folks just respond to see your name on here?

    I am talking to you Leprechaun Boy.
  8. Chood


    Did you read the "account information" page of this retailer? In addition to obvious problems of English as a second language, it shows that customers cannot withdraw money until their accounts have been "active" (a term with its own requirements) for 30 days, and after the account is docked 40 bucks. If that's the "fine print" they publish on the web, I imagine more surprises in store in the account agreement.
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    So does Gain Capital's retail arm. Seems I stand corrected. I'll remove that criteria from bucketshop determination. Yet the 1000:1 leverage puts them squarely in that camp. I think that's the highest out there.
  10. AK100


    1000:1 leverage is so funny.

    You reckon the clients would get a fair deal on their stops?:D :D :D
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