L E N D on fire

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  1. I traded this too much today and left a lto of $$ on the table

    dont overtrade-raide the trend

    blah still made a lot of but adicting

    L E N D is accredited home lenders whihc means they are acredited. I DEMAND my lenders to be accredited I woudn;t have it any other way. If it werent for the accreditationism of LEND it would be a 2 bucks.
  2. LOL,

    I'm trading this stock like crazy as well.

    So far having the best day of the year because of this volatility.
  3. excellent point. I think all businesses should start their names with Accredited.
  4. caught a nice piece of CCRT

    but left a lot :(

    ya just never expect these "bankrupt" stocks to run so well! :D
  5. Time to sell some ATM bear call spreads :D
  6. Hats off to anyone who bagged huge money on this one.

    I think it heads down again, but man, what a massive move from the high 3s to the high 9s today, all in the spate of two days!!!

    300% return in 3 days if well timed!!!
  7. try 3's to $11.40 and i naked sold 100 april 10 calls and pulled in $3 and change and will be covering under $2 tommorrow
  8. yea, but with halt risk is a 90% risk play.
  9. whats halt risk? a takeover? i'd give that a 1% chance with it's 3 fold run in 2 days and i don't think any public company could buy a lend without getting a black eye. i see it at $8.60 after hrs down 70 cents are so.
  10. Might be a good trade, I don't know, but how would you feel to see this headline after the close tomorrow?: "LEND buyout offer tendered at $30 a share..."

    Let's see:

    100 X 300 = $30,000

    100 X 2,000 = $200,000

    $30,000 - $200,000 = -$170,000

    = Ouch

    Hope it works out, but be careful!

    Regards. :cool:
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