Kyle Rittenhouse found not guilty on all charges

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    Still daylight. To easy to be identified. Criminal element will wait till dark.
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    You would have thought they would have waited till Monday to announce the verdict -- in order to prevent a possible weekend of violence, burning, and looting.
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    Knowing the verdict that would seem prudent but not really fair for the defendant.

    Hopefully everyone will just go home, shows over.
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    I agree
    Isn't it sad that public officials have to consider a mobs reaction just to do their job

    One of the legacies of Obama
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    You called this from the beginning while everyone else was debating about it from a Political point of view.
    • The funny moment in the trial was when the kid named all of his relatives that lived in the Kenosha area. I think he named like 12 - 15 relatives. :D
    I just learned he's seeing a psychologist (getting counseling) for PTSD. Based upon how he broke down during the trial and how he broke down when the verdicts were read...the number of death threats...

    I hope the kid gets the help that he will need because PTSD is not something a person should take likely. It's some serious shit.

    Best pick of the trial was of Rittenhouse selecting the alternate jurors from a dark wooden spin box like some Wisconsin fair lottery...


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  7. Crocodile tears. My guess is his lawyer put him up to it for appearances.
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  8. I think there's a good chance he's just dumbass kid who got way in over his head. This is not a 50 year old professional politician.
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