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  1. Hi there has anyone used Kwikpop it looks alright but is quiet expensive. Any info appreciated

  2. I have been using it long time ago. They are like any other traditional indicator and lags seriously.

    Even i can get the cracked version now, i don't use them anymore
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    Well I found it an invaluable tool during the learning curve, the closer to consistent profitability you get the less you use of course, I mean lets face it only price action doesn't lag but on the way up you could do a lot worse than this program. I also like how Wayne defines pivot trades with the color changes, it's good discipline and forces you to only take high probability trades. Downside is it is very pricey for what you get.
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    Here's a good example of their charts, Russell 2000 daily, an obvious uptrend with MACD above zero the whole way.. pullbacks are very easy to see for the newby and entries pretty easy too... the chop will look a lot uglier but what system doesn't

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  5. Don't do mistake, this chart looks nice at end of day only, not in real time.

    If you are experianced trader, you already know it.
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    I attended a on line seminar yesterday with Ninja and Kwikpop and he claims he will drop the price to $100 for traders using Ninja. Thinking about trying the service for the free trial and see!
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    Well apart from English obviously being your 2nd language any trader with a modicum of experience could read that chart in realtime.. perhaps you need a little more experience
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    Since it mainly is designed for intraday charts and for futures with momentum, in my opinion trading end of day with KP is the wrong timeframe.
    Since i trade the Russel with tick charts it is no problem if there is a lag of 1 or 2 bars in a greater trend moves of 15-20 bars.


    Take the time and follow the free charts some days