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    Is Kwik*Pop still in business?
    I tried to get in to there Real Time Demo a few days ago but haven't heard from them.

    I know there was some discussion about this sometime ago by some of our members. That was using it. I was wondering if they were still using it and how there results were.

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    The problem was my email was hosed up.
    And they finally got through.

    Thanks any way
  3. Yeah you can do just as well with free mainstream indicators that come with every charting software. If you want to pay for something worth the money, I'd suggest trying nexgen.
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    The reviews don't mean anything to me. The only thing that mater's to me is what I think about it. Only looked at it one day and can't say one way or the other. Would have done good but the market was an up day today. My question is how does it do in a choppy market? Only time will tell.

    Thanks for the heads up though.
  5. If the reviews mean nothing to you, then why did you ask how the results were?

    Actually, what is the purpose of your visit here to ET?

    Michael B.

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    I am not getting into this...You all have a good day.
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    ES you have got to stop upsetting the new members! :D
  9. Ebo can't help it I guess.

  10. I did a free-trial with Kwikpop, and was impressed with what I saw. I became a subscriber, but ended up cancelling after two months. The problem I had was too many time frames, indicators, etc. being bandied about in the chat room. There did not seem to be a consensus on how to use the system effectively. There are a few successful traders there, but all have been using KP for at least a year or more.

    In choppy markets it is difficult to use, because you will constantly get reversal signals. Usually you don't know you're in a choppy market until after a few failed trades. At this point you back off and wait for a breakout, only to get left in the dust as a big move takes off.

    With enough time and effort, you can make this system work. The owners are very helpful, and offer alot of training and advice. It is not a bad system, just not as "cut and dried" as some of the promo material makes it out to be. There is still a good deal of discretion needed, and this can be hazardous to your wealth.

    Just my experience.
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