KwikPop Lease For Resale

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    Purchased a 5 year KwikPop lease on 2/28/07. I no longer use their custom indicators. Over 4.5 years remaining, will sell for $1500 which is $27.78/month. Their monthly rate is $175, $395/quarter, $1195/year and $2395/5 year. Kwikpop emailed me and said new purchaser would need to contact them to update their records. Email me at if interested or need additional information.

    KwikPop Site:
  2. Why aren't you using it now?
  3. probably because it doesn't work?
  4. That's my guess too... if so, the price seems pretty high :D
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    I'm using other methods I like better and I don't have to depend on someone else. KwikPop gives a free two week trial an access to their room if someone wants to check it out.
  6. Kwik-pop 'sucks' to put it mild. Its a bunch of useless indicators that look good in hindsight, but will never work real-time; but then again, no over the counter indicator works.......
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  8. it is a good price . and kwikpop indicators DO work. no indictor package will work if you are doing everything else wrong .... bad connection.. bad fills ... bad management and most importantly behavioral issues.
  9. Buy a book
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    I tried Kwikpop, its trash.
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