Kwik*Pop- For Esignal or TS2000i

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Nana Trader, Jan 1, 2004.

  1. Hi,

    I am looking for Kwik*PoP- For Esignal.

    If not esignal, then to go for TS2000i

    Thanks everyone
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  4. Shouldn't you go to kwikpop website for that?
  5. Yes, but i'm looking for a way not to pay 170$/month.
    V. for metastock and TS2000i is on sale for 150$ crack
    on internet. But for Esignal isn't offered by them yet.
  6. Does it mean no one is using this software?

    Does anyone else has positive result from Using Kwik*PoP?
    and can share one detailed strategy based on set of
    tools puten togather.

    I have read all documantation in their site, but realy not
    much intersted to know what will be the outcome on
    their 5 seconds delayed live market trades?

    So i needed to hear from someone who is using it realtime
    and if this system reacts quickly to market changes,
    and can benifit from it if someone masters it?

    Btw i have read members reviews on software section of
    this forums.
  7. Well, the crack of KP for TS2000i can be bought on the Internet for even less than $150.