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    Europe is introducing kurzarbeit. European governments steal money of tax payers to support private companies, it is contradiction of basic rule of capitalism. SHORT EURO !!!!
  2. Try saving some money for a brain.

    Kurzaarbeit is quite a good concept. It allows a partial work layoff - basically the company reduces working time of people and the government makes up the income shortfall.

    Why is this good?

    Because the alternative is firing them.

    So, you have 100 people, but know for some time you only need 50.

    American way: Fire 50 people, hire again after some months. They get unemployment benefits in the meantime.

    German way: Kurzarbeit - everyone worlks half time, gets partial unemployment benefits. Noone is fired.

    Makes no significant difference for the government - as fired people get unemployment money. And keeps them from loosing their job which is also a psychological way.

    Not that Psychopaths understand that.

    The problem is when this is abused (Kurzarbeit but people still work full time, illegally) or turns into long term stuff - but that is another story.