Kurdish Animals - Yezidi stoning

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  1. Have you guys seen on Cnn.com the video about the public stoning of a girl because she fell in love with a boy from a different sect? People were taking videos like it was a circus and I believe there were even policemen in there.

    WTF is wrong with these people?

    Jesus Christ :(
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  3. I truly don't know how these monsters minds function.
  4. Their minds function by believing in a literal version of their holy books. Christians at one time followed the same practices. We have evolved and and don't truly believe in our's anymore... they still do. Unfortunately, it will probably take a couple hundred years for them to evolve, we just recently grew out of ours. Sad. :(
  5. Unfortunately, this could well be the belief system that our grandchildren and great-grandchildren will grow up in.

    Every day it seems more likely that it will be Europe's fate.
  6. True. The huge influx of middle-eastern culture into Europe cannot be ignored and I believe it will be detrimental to the future fate of Western Europe.

  7. What, the influx of muslims into societies completely antithetic to their beleifs, or the stone age barbarianism of the religion itself?
  8. fukin' animals; those people should be eradicated off the face of the earth. primitive scum.
  9. I was just thinking, if muslim ruled the world, i'd be better off dead.
  10. These people are Yazidi or Yezidi and they are Kurds. these are the ones we are saving from the mean iraqi muslims. the muslims are the ones that befriended the girl.

    the Yezidi are considered devil worshipers by most other religions. these people consider the USA and israel their allies.

    so.. were we wrong to invade Iraq to help these people?
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