Kung Flu

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Should we be worried about The Kung Flu? (select up to 4)

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  1. Buy1Sell2


    Should we be worried?
  2. Overnight


    Nope. Just as we should be worried about the push away from fossil fuels because they are seemingly feeding a cycle of global warming that has never happened before.

    Which it has.

    Multiple times, over and over and over again.

    Go go windfarms as everyone consumes through the conduit they hate and do not even realize it.
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  5. Amun Ra

    Amun Ra

    We're up to 218 cases. Seems weird the media though is not mentioning that out of the 3700 on board only a little over 700 of them were tested.

    And now they are letting some of them off the ship as of a few hours ago.
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    ● Fourteen Americans evacuated from the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan tested positive for coronavirus but were still allowed to return to the United States. More than 300 Americans were evacuated on the two flights.
  7. Wallet


    Everyone is returning under quarantine. The scary part is the 14 who tested positive were all asymptomatic. Just makes you wonder how many on the ship are actually infected and dont know it yet?

    Safe to say if those 14 flew with the other 300, they have 300 new cases now.
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    Currently we have no new community transmitted cases in the US for 15 days. This is a good start. Could it spread here? Yes, but at the moment, the Trump administration and the CDC are doing exceedingly well in prevention. Chuck U Schumer on the other hand, would like an outbreak here so he can use it politically against The President. He is a very very disgusting person? Notice how even now, he wants open borders.
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