KUN & GBT et al

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Opteronion, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. I am sure this applies to not only KUN & GBT but also the rest of the china movers; SDTH, CSUN, GSI, etc.

    I fucked up and am holding these overnight. I am dreading them dropping big tomorrow.

    I thought I was getting a bargain today. But now I realize the whole market may be pulling back.

    should I sell them asap in pre-market or wait for open???? Anyone think they will pop at all?


    I do not mind holding them for the weekend if these (China) stocks are going to rally again. ???? but is that a big "if" or what?

  2. Tough call and depends on your risk tolerence. I think there is a dumping across the board pre-market scaring out positions. Can either double down on the dip and get out on next spike or just wipe your hands clean and preserve your capital for the next runner.
  3. You are holding a bag full of Chinese turds. It is pretty clear that the Chinese momentum has turned and those holding now will have to hope and pray that new suckers come in to buy up their garbage.

    Remember why you bought these Chinese turds for, it wasn't for their fundamentals, it was to flip them to the next sucker who was willing to pay more. A Ponzi scheme. If the momentum dies out, bailing out is the best option. They always say don't make a bad trade an investment.
  4. Thanks P&d and D.

    good advice from both.

    I do not want to hold these trades as investments.

    I will just try to get out with as little pain as possible. Hopefully it is not a landslide and there are more suckers (like me) who think it is a bargain right now . (hope they aren't reading this)

    I see it as a learning experience no matter what and put it on my list of mistakes to reflect on.

    good luck to all.

  5. Looks like you are in good shape and won't take a hit this morning. So much for a little morning sell off.

    Dump them if it clears your conscious.

  6. Why do you say this? Because it has not happened in PM? Would you say this indicates some leveling off?

    I am getting an optimistic feeling for the day because of the tone of the news and some premarket action.

    Using the other china trades as indicators (that I am not in right now) SDTH & GSI they look positive and ready to move on open. imo

    I appreciate your posts P&D

  7. Where did you get into GBT?
  8. 8.03 yesterday.

    I am out now just under 7. I am moving on trying not to watch that chart anymore (it better go down, lol)

    I am learning some good lessons. Luckily yesterday I had some good profits to offset these losses.

    I do feel better not holding these (KUN GBT) and am looking for some less crazy trades.

  9. I'm waiting for some to level off before jumping back into anything China.