Kudzu coming north: Why? Global Warming

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  1. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/03/110325111853.htm

    Kudzu, the plant scourge of the U.S. Southeast. The long tendrils of this woody vine, or liana, are on the move north with a warming climate.

    But kudzu may be no match for the lianas of the tropics, scientists have found. Data from sites in eight studies show that lianas are overgrowing trees in every instance.
    If the trend continues, these "stranglers-of-the-tropics" may suffocate equatorial forest ecosystems.

    Deny this undeniable truth, deniers.:D
  2. Lucrum


    I hear killer bees are spreading north as well.

    With any luck you'll trip on a kudzu vine and do a face plant into a hive.
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    LOL. You've got much bigger worries than a Kudzu vine growing and surrounding your apartment in Peoria. You probably already have Asian Snakehead fish in your Peoria lakes. Talk about a paranoid black man, Buckwheat, you're it! :D
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    Wait till the fire ants get there. You're gonna love them at your picnics.
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    I'll take kudzu over poison ivy or oak any day. Just get some goats, or better yet, harvest the stuff and open a supplement shop. Among other things, I've read that it helps curb alcohol cravings...supposedly. :)
  8. Well, it is clearly undeniable that climate change is happening over time to the warm side.
  9. Sorry, Im not a clumsy redneck.
  10. Please share what that pseudo scientific chart has to do with global warming?
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