Kudos to Fox News, Boo CNBC

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    (Yes, this is Fox NEWS not BUSINESS Channel -- but what's important is how they treated their viewers.)

    Fox News is Responsive to the Linux Community.

    This is in stark contrast to CNBC's treatment of its Web viewers, who despite their much-ballyhooed "interactive" and "useful" site makeover in 2006, still precludes folks from viewing their website videos using non-Microsoft browsers, thus making their website LESS interactive and LESS useful to a growing segment of the community. Folks have complained about it for two years, with no success.

    >From the CNBC FAQ:

    > http://www.cnbc.com/id/15839052/site/14081545/#supportfirefox
    > Does CNBC.com support the use of Firefox browsers?
    > Yes. A plugin is currently required to view video on CNBC.com using
    > Firefox version 1.5. Click here to access the plugin.

    It's quite clear CNBC could care less about this matter: the so-called Firefox plug-in is a few years out of date, designed for an old version of Firefox, and there is none available for Firefox 2.0. How's that for showing how much CNBC cares?

    Granted, I don't watch CNBC-TV now that I have Bloomberg. CNBC got too sensational, political, and cheerlead-y as it began to compete with the upstart Fox Biz Channel. As a result, I continue to think CNBC's more about providing 'investotainment' to the amateurs than useful 'business news' for serious investors.

    Even though I don't watch their network or visit their website very often, bravo to Fox News for listening to their viewers tech concern -- and, boo to CNBC for doing the exact opposite.

    Disclosure: there's one CNBC analyst in Chicago (Rick Santelli) whose views, opinions, and analysis I do respect, and would love to be able to keep receiving via the Web. But as for the rest of the network.....bleh.