Kudlows goldilocks economy.....

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    Kudlow still hyping his goldilocks economy.....

    Keep hyping up the "GREAT" economy.

  2. That is his job.

    He gets great ratings cause he can always give viewers a reason to be bullish. He is the king of the perma bulls. We could sell off 50%, and then come back 20%, and kudlow would say "see, it was just a blip". With that kind of reasoning, he is never wrong.
  3. People only watch CNBC in bull markets. His job is to pump the market as much as possible.
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    When Kudlow and Crammer where on together they both were saying buy buy buy and then the market took a dump.
  5. Kudlow.

    He knows nothing.
  6. Where are all those idiot mutual fund managers CNBC was parading around saying it was "the 9th inning of the credit crisis"?

    What a bunch of fking idiots.

  7. With 7 rate cuts + 100 billion in stimulus money+ many more liquidity injections by the Feds and constant positive GDP numbers without a recession------our doom and gloom weak members of society have to still bring down thier stock market to March lows and prove themself what kind of asses they are.

    Nothing works for them nothing will , a real recession could not create this much damage.

    Chart destruction is an art and American weaklings are gifted animals.

  8. Not a single quarter of negative economic growth in the US since 2001 and yet we are crying rivers...
  9. The economy is GREAT. That is why the Dow is down 3.78%, the S&P is down 3.10%, and the NASDAQ is down 1.97% this week alone. This is not just chart destruction, there are serious problems in the financial markets.

    Your comments make you look like an incompetent individual.

    I believe others have already proven all you do is paper trade.
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