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  1. JORGE


    Did Kudlow just say "black chick", when referring to Janice Rogers Brown.
  2. empee


    i thought i heard it wrong!
    did he?
  3. in what context did he say that?..lol

    I missed him today..
  4. JORGE


    I wasn't paying much attention, but one of his guests mentioned Janice as a possible court nominee, and Kudlow responded by saying "that black chick." It didn't seem malicious, I think it just slipped.
  5. GTG


    Yeah, I heard it too. I had assumed I didn't hear him correctly. I guess not.
  6. bighog

    bighog Guest


    It never sounds malicious unless a Democrat says it, right? The right winged religious zealot neo-cons are having a tough time these days, Bush, Rove, brown, bennett etc. Looks like the cows are coming home.....:eek: :D

    that will always come true when your whole agenda is puffed rice and BS.
  7. bighog

    bighog Guest

    and speaking of Kudlow, even Cramer had to get away from his right wing fanatic dribbles. Larry is a sharp dresser but a one trick pony in regards to politics.
  8. Crudlow is such a hack....

    she is what every man in his position intends to be.....just that.....somewhere inbetween...

    next time I want a political spinster to talk to me every trading day I'll turn to him on CNBC at 5pm EST

  9. cknucks


    Finding myself at home today nursing a busted ankle. This guy is perhaps the worst interviewer I've ever heard. Every question leads to the intended response.

    What is this guy's background? He couldn't have been a trader.
  10. fairy land

    current resident!

    political hack,

    one man defender of this horrid administrations economic policies that in reality only benefit those that have too much already...

    jobs creation, they say...yet everyone that floats a resume asks: "where are these jobs being created

    this is a perfect example of someone tripping over the cordless phone....
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