Kudlow tonight preaching endless optimism

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  1. I know Kudlow is silly, but he is the only likable person on CNBC, for he is not anti-Capitalist.

    But he is so blindingly bullish, all through the worst of 07 and 08, and now he is back again predicting mega bullishness for 2010.

    He gets these people on to agree with him, and they drown out the one guy who has a contrarian bearish view.

    Where is all this optimism coming from? There are no fundamentals in the economy to support this.
  2. When is Kudlow not preaching "endless optimism" and not mega-bullish?

    It's the same "rah-rah goldilocks" crap over and over.

    That guy should just tape one show and replay it 5 nights a week.

    CNBC is an embarrassment to financial news.
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    The channel is a joke. No one, not one person on CNBC is worth the time of day.
  4. I've always been very suspicious of people like Kudlow. First it was alcohol and cocaine. And now it's Catholicism. From one extreme to another is odd trait to me.
  5. I can't believe what i see on tv daily. i'm more convinced than ever 2010 is the year of a total collapse. nobody has learned a thing. its as if 2008 never happened. all the same characters from cramer to kudlow to kernan who hyped and begged all to buy from 2007 all the way down are the same ones commiting this crime again. i truely believe after the next wave down theres no coming back just like japan.people will hate stocks before this ends
  6. Why do you watch this crap?

    Really? Why?
  7. Art Laffer and the other original supply siders are quite bearish right now. Given Kudlow's economic background and what's going on in Washington, I don't know how he could be so bullish. I guess he's more of a market cheerleader than anything else these days.
  8. I don't agree with his politics but I do like his personality for some reason. I seldom watch though, just always the same ol same ol.
  9. I watch it to hear the one or two bears that he has on mop him up. I am just saying he is not a bad guy like a lot of the aholes at CNBC who have such a chip on their shoulder.
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    meh, id hate fuck erin burnett. thats about it.
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