KUDLOW smackdown.

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  1. about 2:10 on the video. funny.


    On CNBC, Arianna Huffington accused Larry Kudlow of predicting the Dow will hit 50,000. Kudlow denied the charge.

    Well, Arianna is right. Here's Larry from October 1999.

    In "American Abundance", which was published nearly two years ago, I predicted an over 50,000 Dow. Naturally, we all like to hang out with our friends. I believe my friends and I will be proven right.

    Again from August 1999:

    Think of the Internet as an economic freedom metaphor for our time. The Internet empowers ordinary people and disempowers government. The Internet creates wealth, expands growth, produces jobs and spreads prosperity. Standing behind the Net is the political power of well over 100 million investors and asset owners.

    Because of this, I believe the future economy will outperform all expectations. The stock market will head toward 15,000 in a few years, then 30,000, then 50,000 and higher. Believe it or not, the Internet is more important than the Fed.

    Larry's prediction was that Dow 50K will come by 2020.
  2. Who gives a shit what Ariana Puffington has to say. As bad as Kudlow's Pollyannaism is, I'll take his free market and American loving ideals over that POS Huffington any day of the week.
  3. He was close on his dow 15k call. With the money printing worldwide now, by 2020, we could see 50k dow.
  4. she has the balls to smack that blowhard down to his face on his own show. i have seen few men willing to do that.
  5. Does it "count" if there is a 1-for-5 reverse split? :confused: :cool:
  6. the point is he denied ever making those statements.
  7. Jesus


    I was thinking of starting a thread about this after I saw that on cnbc. They're both right, or at least could be.

    huffington was right that Kudlow said that, but I think she was off base with slamming kudlow for a totally unrelated matter to what they were talking about.

    And Kudlow could be right. The Dow is at 10500 right now, if it hit 50 thousand at the end of 2020 then that would be a compound annual growth rate of 16.89% per year. Not likely but certainly a possibility. There have been ten year periods where the dow has done even better than that.
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    Zimbabwe went from 70K to 33M in one year. I'd say Kudlow is being way too conservative.:D