Kudlow...showing early sign of Parkinson??????

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  1. Just wondering if others r seeing the same thing.

    best of luck to him i guess :)
  2. He should give it to Cramer then.
  3. that is not nice :(
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    ...on ET but I actually <like> James Cramer ( I was one of the original 1000 to sign up for his site and I still have the free T-shirt).

    I've made money off his site and learned a great deal too about trading and different ways of looking at the market......I just read and then re-read "Confessions of a Street Addict" and thoroughly enjoyed it and more amazing was my Smith graduated girlfriend listened to the whole tape, (we bought the book on tape) and even SHE enjoyed it......anyway I will say I understand why people are so bothered by his personality and some of his (more recent) calls, but I still like and admire ol James.....he made a boatload more money than I ever have and if I can be a successful as him by a half .....I will have considered myself a very successful man.

    Just my .02 cents worth...let the JC bashing continue..... I truly hope Kudlow get's better if the Parkinsons is true....but he is kinda a "perma" bull too....

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    I cant figure out who screams more Cramer or Chris Matthews. Enjoy them but can't figure out why they find it necessary to scream at each other and interrrupt constantly.
  6. Read "Trading with Enemy".

    Customer review on the book:

    "Ever since Cramer "retired" from the hedge fund in December 2000, his stock picks have been almost universally wrong. Every stock he recommended seemed to subsequently fall by 50% (Q,CEG,TYC,HAL,MER,EMC to name a few). Every time he screamed about his "naked affection" for the tape, stocks fell. Every time he got bearish and negative, stocks soared. It was uncanny. Cramer tried to revise history, hide his previous stock picks etc. but every new pick was just as bad. Cramer became a national joke. The highly reputable Kiplinger's said taking Cramer seriously was analogous to taking Danny Devito seriously in a slam-dunk competition. Even the NY Post jumped on the Cramer-bashing bandwagon.

    All the time, Cramer defended himself by bragging about his hedge-fund track record, allegedly 24%/yr from 1986-2000. Maybe Maier is right about how Cramer achieved that track record because it certainly wasn't his stock picking prowess.

    Or maybe the track record is a lie too. The NY Times exposed that Cramer's fund returned a pathetic 2% in 1999, a year when the Nasdaq was up 61% and Cramer was marketing himself as a tech genius. Cramer tried to stop the NY Times from printing the truth but to no avail. Same situation here? I don't know but it couldn't happen to a nicer guy. "

    I am sorry, but fucking people out of money by scamming them makes me wanna hurl.
  7. Parkinson's?

    Is that normally a symptom of the type of cocaine abuse Kudlow is famous for?

    Perhaps, like Ali, he has suffered too many blows to the head...as he has continually and incorrectly stuck his neck out and called bull market moves that resulted in the bear market slapping him upside the head again, and again, and again.....
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    well, I'd be more interested ask if traders are more likely or less likely to develop Parkinson disease after their retirement?


  9. Kudlow a "perma" bull , thats an understatement:D

    Glad he doesnt pick individual stocks :p

    But u have to give him credit for one of the first and loudest one to expose and discredit Greenspan. even though it would have been temporary relieve for the market, but he was dead on.
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    jester - i'm sure that you've had a more productive life than cramer. you have family who you've cared for (i'm assuming), and you have friends who would help you, without expecting things in return.

    (i'll leave the last part for you to read between the lines).

    ignoring that part, however, cramer has been the *perfect* contrary indicator ever since he left the hedge fund world. part of his book (confessions...which is really a good book) talks about how he made his money...

    getting bullish at the start of a bull market...and having the good abilities (this is a compliment) to have good people around him (his wife, berkowitz, harrison) who COULD trade. he can't outside of a hedge fund environment, where his high commissions pay for information that's now considered illegal.

    however...he also talks about coming out of a meeting, after high-fiving the CEO, and berkowitz having sold their entire position based on cramer's bullishness. if you've seen ANYTHING since he left the hedge fund, it's that whenever he goes crazy on a stock - bullish or bearish - it's usually an awesome contrary indicator. his "winners of the new world" isn't just an aberration, it's the norm.

    and kudlow? just a total whack job. there's people of every political party who can't admit they're wrong, ever, and the world would be a better place if these people had their voice boxes removed. kudlow is one of these, and i turn off cnbc (or sometimes mute it, if i'm expecting some information) whenever he's on.
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