Kudlow Show Canceled

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  1. Larry is sick and can't come to work, he caught a bad bug from goldilocks.
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  3. It's probably the clap.

    If you're not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. He had the perfect venue to expose fraud and corruption, and he aided it.

    I asked Patrick Byrne one time, "why you? Why did they attack you? And when did you know?:

    He attributed the attacks to his decision to dutch auction his IPO, and said, he was on Kudlow and Cramer after a particularly good quarter (this was a long time ago (-:), and they butchered him. He asked a Wall St. guy why. After some desparaging adjectives describing those two dweebs, he said, they were told to bring you down to protect the shorts.

    If you're not the solution............... We all pay. So be it.
  4. Here may be the spin today, " the dow had been down 350 but rallied back and only closed down 100 wheee.
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  6. Gee we may end up down only 50
  7. Kudlow's a f*king joke. Opens the show advocating "free-market capitalism [as] the best path to prosperity," and yet he'll spend the next 57 minutes begging the Fed to bail out the markets.

  8. that's exactly whats happening...he's lookin pretty stressed. has he always had that wicked twitch?
  9. LOL...

    Every time i watch Kudlow i call his show DreadLocks...


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    His show is the worst of the bunch. Spewing the same BS every night. I swear they could just tape 1 show and run it on a loop.

    At least Crames (flytiger calls him Crames), is good for a laugh now and then.
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