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  1. It's true. Fast Money is offically the worse program on CNBC. In fact, all of CNBC is shit. I guess it will never go off the air because of all the suckers who watch it, and all the advertisers taking their money.
  2. fast money is the only and best show on cnbc. too bad you follow all of their picks as if they are the holy grail. I actually find much value in the show. the most on cnbc. even with bolling gone. Pete Najarian is not that bad. anyone who scores knows this. Obviously you have a problem with the score. cramer sux, I agree. Kudlow is a cheerleader, I also agree. But kudlow gets paid to do these things and he isnt that bad of a guy. Too bad you go to cnbc for info. sorry to hear your pain. good luck. p
  3. I've never seen it, so I can't say.
  4. Turn on Bloomberg. CNBC is for pikers.
  5. I like bloomberg. anyone catch uriah faber and dana white interview the other night? that was nice. you would never expect it on a finance network. cnbc is for herbs but its nice to see what herbs are upto.
  6. watch bloomberg and cnbc.
    forget fox unless you wanna spank the monkey.
  7. I don't even trade stocks anymore. I could care less about their picks. I'm saying CNBC is void of any meaningful content. Kinda like my posts from my iphone when I'm piss drunk.
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    Bloomberg. They just report and don't indulge in cheerleading unlike CNBC.
  9. Fast money does a good job of reporting the stocks and sectors that are doing well so you can get on board.
  10. I will say this. again, najarian is pretty good with options and I like to hear what he has to say. I fade everyone else, adami, the other short fat guy(i cant think of his name right now), and finerman. I think that guy who comes on rarely talking about world markets is alright. I think he runs a fund. He isnt bad. I really liked bolling only because we think alike, we have the same ideas. but really, if anyone needs a show "with experts" to make money, they should not be trading.
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