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    Kry is crying buy me!!!!
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    Apparently Polyus a russian gold exploration and mining firm are in negotiations. The reason this stock is trading at a low price is Chavez and his comments with regard to Nationalization of mining and oil concerns. This mine the "Las Christinas" is the richest in the Guyana Shield which is one of the richest on earth. Before South Africa Guyana was mined largely its alluvial deposits as the hard rock earth mining was not feasible. The Brits took out ungodly amounts of gold from the rivers in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Thereafter due to geopolitical concerns and t6he fact that other worldwide deposits had been exploited which were easier pickings this area had been left by the wayside.

    Now Las Christinas is found and proven with regard to ore and amount, but Chavez Venezuelan strong man stymies what should have been an easy process to bring this mine online.

    Perhaps he will be more favorable to Polyus than the current canucks involved. Either way this stock is priced for failure yet the mine itself is solid. It's all about the politics here folks. Accumulate if you have the cajones and cross your fingers that Chavez makes it work. My guess is he will as they (The Venezuelans) need a confident partner to get the gold out and this will help stimulate their economy with local jobs, roads, hospitals, etc.
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    Bull Flag into the close.....
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    3/28/07 4 pm quote data
    After Hours: 3.98 Up 0.05 (1.27%)
    Last Trade: 3.93
    Change: Up 0.88 (28.85%)

    Ramped today on news.

    Next pull back will be higher low.

    Congrats to the long holders con huevos grandes!!!
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    Any input on Crystallex at these levels? The support looks pretty decent at $4.48, do you think the pullback is done?
  9. nice response killa.
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    One man team thread:D
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