Krugman vs. the Poor

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    Max E.

    Funny how these keynesian shit heads always pretend to be advocates for the poor, when their policies are the single most destructive thing that can happen to the poor. The other funny thing is that those two jackasses Krugman and Bernanke keep pushing that narrative that there hasnt really been any inflation, over the past couple years, apparently neither of the 2 of them ever have to eat or gas up their car.

    Krugman doesnt give a shit about the poor, he only cares about increasing the size of government, and creating the illusion that the economy is growing, so that Obama can get re-elected, and the poor people can fuck themselves as far as he is concerned.

    Krugman vs. The Poor
    by David Harsanyi04/06/2012

    Why does Paul Krugman, a guy who fashions himself guardian of the working class and poor, feel so comfortable advocating for the devaluing of all our savings and retirement accounts? Why does he want to see a spike in food, clothing and fuel costs? (Now, if we employed his writing style, we could simply accuse him of hating the poor.)

    In the New York Times today, he tells us he fears that Republican might be bullying Ben Bernanke into bad policy. What we need, the Nobel winner explains, is for the Fed to induce more inflation.

    The attackers want the Fed to slam on the brakes when it should be stepping on the gas; they want the Fed to choke off recovery when it should be doing much more to accelerate recovery. Fundamentally, the right wants the Fed to obsess over inflation, when the truth is that we'd be better off if the Fed paid less attention to inflation and more attention to unemployment. Indeed, a bit more inflation would be a good thing, not a bad thing.

    Hey, central banks have injected almost $7 trillion into the economy. So stingy. But you know the drill: a "modest" increase in inflation would help the nation ease its debt obligations by devaluing tomorrow's dollar against the one (or 15 trillion) that was borrowed yesterday. There is no other way out of this mess, they say. And if you trust that the Fed can control inflation this all might sound like a brilliant plan to you.

    Krugman argues that the Fed will "choke off recovery when it should be doing much more to accelerate recovery." I'll let economists argue over the upside and downside of inflation. But you'll note that in today's world, "We need more inflation" or "Don't Worry About Deficit That Will Heal Itself" are the positions of serious people, while advocating for spending cuts or a sound dollar is considered deeply radical and/or immoral. For Krugman, Paul Ryan's budget was a set of "inconceivably cruel priorities" (inconceivably!) and even fans of the bipartisan Simpson-Bowles plan (as the president pretends to be) are members of a "cult".

    For any economist -- considering how often they are spectacularly wrong -- to be so dogmatic on something so enigmatic is pretty amazing. Especially when you consider inflation's potential consequences. Another problem for Krugman is that mere non-wonks (and investors) are increasingly concerned about inflation and debt. Perhaps if there was any evidence that previous rounds of quantitative easing had helped spur any growth the Plebs would be more impressed. Instead, they are all in for decades of exploding debt, and, if the New York Times columnist had his way, higher prices on nearly everything.
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    Max, like Ayn Rand before him, cares about the poor.
  3. Spot on.

    The "game" is to open the liquidity spiggots knowing full well that the "liquidity" will bump asset prices and trick idiots like Tinfoil, Grabass and a whole bunch of Hopey-humpers that the economy is miraculously turning around.

    It's the same tired game that's been played a bunch of times in the past 10-15 years to try and confuse inflation with growth. The difference the past few times is that the "campaign" was initiated with a weak dollar and pressure on commodity all that funny money just call's the "market's" bluff.
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    Fuck the poor.

    The vast majority of them in this country are poor by choice or a series of bad choices. And even then thanks to bleeding heart pussies, not unlike yourself, and career politicians willing to bribe the "poor" with entitlements paid for with my tax dollars. Most of them (again in THIS country) don't really have it all that bad anyway.

    Formerly/normally employed who can't find work while we're suffering through Obamanomics notwithstanding, of course.
  5. It's important to make the distinction between the welfare queen's and the working poor. The ones who live off the government dole never have to deal with the inflationary aspects of this current monetary policy...whereas the formerly middle class/lower classes who still have some pride get hammered by perpetual ZIRP and the "risk on" to save the banks monetary policy.
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    Duly noted and I agree.
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    But Max "cares" about the poor. Read his post slamming Krugman because he "doesn't give a shit about the poor." Max cares. Unless, in the off chance, do you think he might possibly have been disingenuous about his apparent concern? Crocodile tears, perhaps? Because if that's the case, then you're concluding that Max is full of shit.
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    Max E.

    Exactly, the only ones i give a shit about are the ones who arent living off the government tit, who are actually trying to make an honest living for themselves, and those atre the ones who get killed by these keynesian bozo's like Krugman/Bernanke, because wages never keep up with inflation, the other poor people who do live off the government, can starve for all i care, but they never will, since the government handouts always seem to keep up with or outpace inflation.....

  9. Hey troll,

    Why don't you actually make a contribution to a thread instead of your usual verbal "circle jerk".
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    Having read Max's post I have concluded YOU are full of shit.
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