Krugman idiot

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    Wrong wrong wrong

    we aren't going to see a deflationary spiral and consumers won't cut back for long. We wont become a nation of savers.

    The core CPI has yet to fall. Food and energy prices are creeping higher. Although the economy & spending has contracted slightly, delfation is a non issue.

    It's amazing how such a nitwit could gain so much notoriety. Kugman is an opportunistic parasite spreading lies and fear.
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  3. Krugman who was like the only notable pundit out there ranting against Bush Jr.'s incompetence years before it was fashionable?

    He was called shrill and unbalanced then and now it seems the same accusations are being hurled at him again. When will his critics learn?
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    Krugman is spot on! You're obviously a bull and full of bullS!