Krugman: Gas and Food prices have Nothing to do with FED Policy

Discussion in 'Politics' started by achilles28, May 8, 2012.

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    That's right. Bailouts and QE, intended to reinflate asset prices (real estate and equity), have zero affect on asset prices (energy and commodities). Brilliant. How does Krugman know which asset class is buoyed, and which isn't? Cheap money inflates stocks but not oil prices? Real estate but not the price of corn? Or wheat? Anyhow. These are the fucking idiots that run our economy.

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  2. These guys have no SKIN in the game. Cushy commie jobs and cronyism.

    Throw them to the lions!


  3. Can you please define what a "commie" job is? Just to clarify discourse.
  4. Well, I am in the middle of a trade--I thought he was a Fed dude.


  5. No alerts for targets and stops?

    You should work on that, it will make your trading life much much easier.
  6. Yea; but I don't take my eyes off of CL--it can fuck you quickly @the NYSE open, eh?


  7. Then I would suggest you quit trying to fly thru the eye of the hurricane, and ride the winds around the wall cloud. That's just me tho.:D
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    Good point. As soon as inflation becomes high let's kill all the speculators.
  9. achilles28


    How is that accomplished, without destroying capital markets, liquidity, and price discovery? Sorta a difficult problem.
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