Krugman Advocates Socialist Agenda ??

Discussion in 'Economics' started by gnome, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. gnome


    1. Federal aid to states

    2. More "stimulus to people who will spend it"

    3. Greater unemployment benefits

    4. Federal "work projects" like in FDR's day

    No mention of where the money should come from for all of this. China to keep funding our deficit needs?

    Is America really becomming the USSA? (United Socialist States of America)
  2. just21


    one opinion is an Obama win is good for the dollar as he will raise taxes, but if he spends even more money than Bush then it could be weaker for dollar. What do you think?
  3. gucci


    I think, that it has much more to do with the restoring of economic circulation, rather than with socialist agenda.
  4. gnome


    Americans have so much debt, from Gummint down to the consumer, that higher taxes are inevitable regardless of who wins.

    And at some point, MUCH higher taxes... to the point everyone will be asking, "why work at all of I have to send so much to Uncle Sam?"
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  6. gnome


    That's how you get "economic circulation" when Americans are tapped out on their credit capacity. (Of course the Gummint won't label it as Socialism.. but rather "things we need to do".)

    America has no "growth industry" where we export goods in sufficient quantity to build capital reserves.

    Just as GreenScam/Bernanke and the FNM fiasco created the housing bubble to "keep the economy going", I see only two possibilites for "economic circulation" going forth in the US... (1) Social spending in programs like Krugman is apparently endorsing, and (2) A major push in renewable energy... however it's likely the products for that will be manufactured overseas to save labor costs, so even that is doubtful.

    And of course, major social changes will require much higher taxes and much greater deficits and inflation...$USD decline, etc.

    Henceforth, we'll be all about "consuming ourselves until there's nothing left". In other words, the future of our children and grandchildren is grim.
  7. Once upon a time.....there was an actual $120,000 house......

    When one bought a house, one paid an honest price....

    Then one day, the price was altered by legal largesse of all kinds.....

    Government housing programs
    Money printing
    Government forced interest rates
    New debt agreements
    New value acknowledgements
    Ratings method changes
    New ways of selling off high lied about risks....etc...etc...

    Till one day....the little house that could.....found itself surrounded by the total dependence of over $1,000,000 in legal agreements....whereby lots of onerous greedy ones were paid.....

    At the end of the day, the little house that could....eventually reflected its true $120,000 value....

    Leaving all the little piggies behind....

    At the end of the day, even if one cannot sell the house for $0, one still has the house.....

    But those holding the stack of legal paper worth $0, have $0.....

    Everybody's gonna be doin da socialist dance.....ain't nothing else soundin so good.....

    When Chavez talked....he stirred the human emotion even much more so than Obama....

    And now....just think about it this way....

    Would the US be going through today....what it is going through....if Iraq's oil were present on US soil?
    This is basically what Chavez has....and you can believe $50 oil he will be on the phone to the IMF.....
  8. gnome


    If Americans understood this... and thought about who benefitted and who was harmed, we'd be OUTRAGED* at the Gummint and the Financial Powers...

    * Of course, I AM... but I'm just a whacked-out crackpot who is against all involved in this INTENTIONAL DECEPTION AND THEFT... and yes, that includes Hussein NObama... (OK you guys... let me have it... I'm ready for your "You're just a no good Obama hater.... wah, wah, wah")
  9. TGregg


    That's hysterical. Keep the power on so Americans can watch Idol and lock up the system for just two parties. Then get a big chunk of voters to blame other people for everything and offer up obviously false promises of smaller government and less taxes to bring the rest of the sheep reluctantly into the fold. Be sure to shovel money out of the treasury for anybody with their hands out. And if you catch up on handing free money for the asking, then send a phat "rebate" check to everyone in the country.

    It's the master plan and both parties are doing their level best to execute on it. The plan works for now. But the endgame is not so great, and you don't want to be around when the music stops.