Kroponer's Western Front

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    Hello, this is my journal.

    Trade 1:

    SDS Long, 10, 94.30
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    Trade 1 Close:

    11/11/2008 08:38:40 Bought 10 SDS @ 94.3 ($943.00)
    11/11/2008 11:16:29 Sold 10 SDS @ 97.1006 (971.006)

    Gain/Loss was $28.006 - $19.98 commissions.

    Today's net change: $8.02


    Bought in Extd. AM because futures pointed lower.

    Sell was on Trailing Stop at Action Price: 97.1388, sold at 97.1006. I had set a 1% trailing stop parameter when it was trading near the 98.xx high.
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    I forgot to do an introduction, just in case anyone reads this. I'm Kroponer, I'm a 21 yr old student, and my main hobbie outside of basketball is watching the market. My high school economics teacher influenced me to get involved. I traded right out of high school, albeit with little knowledge. Blew up $3,000 on China plays and other miscellaneous stocks. Took some time off to manage some family real estate (although the real estate market is down, thankfully I didn't blow up that 'portfolio').

    Anyhow, I started reading ET about a month ago and the wealth of knowledge (and other items) has pushed me into watching/trading the markets again.

    I have yet to study up on technical/fundamentals in depth (the failure of all amateurs?). But it's a work in progress as is the life Kroponer. Soon I'll be able to come up with a real trading strategy/parameters to follow and share.

    I'm starting small, $1k, with my broker TD Ameritrade. The commissions front is heavy, so perhaps I'd pursue an account with IB or another broker as I increase my capital.

    I called this journal the Western Front as I am an avid World War 1 history buff, notably the flying aces over France.