Krispy Creme looking tasty

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  1. Therefore a long in kkd @ 35.25 on a TA basis.
  2. TA basis? As in technical analysis basis?

    Looks to me like the medium term and short term trend is down.

    KKD is forming a descending triangle. It is only a matter of time before it breaks down. At least that is what I would say if depending on a TA basis.

  3. I like it at 34ish on the weekly...good luck Heil I always enjoy watching you buck the "trend" and come out on top!
  4. There she goes. Let's see if she comes back up to test the enormously built up resistance.

  5. does KKD normally trade this light? (just under 200k thus far)

  6. Average volume is about 700k. It seems that everybody lost interest in this once high- flying stock.

  7. Short % of Float (as of 8-Dec-03): 23.12%. This is still quite high. Short ratio could trigger an upward move in this highly oversold area. But still, I can be wrong. This is no " I bet my house" trade.
  8. Trade done. Just sold @ 36.09 and 36.10.
  9. So this is an intraday gain of 2.4%, which isn't bad for a stock that is supposed of "breaking down".

    Best wishes,

    heilbronner. :p
  10. Well I guess I could try to cover my ass by saying it broke for a short while. Clearly you were on the right side of the trade, just a little early.

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