Krauthammer: "President Zero" Has His Foot On The Economy

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  1. Krauthammer: "President Zero" Has His Foot On The Economy

    "I think the Republicans have their perfect slogan: President Zero: Zero economic expansion, zero jobs, zero ideas on how to cure the economy. The recession ended two years ago. We were supposed to have a recovery summer last summer. In the numbers you showed, the unemployment, the slowdown in jobs started at the beginning of this year. He threw a $1 trillion stimulus at the economy assuming you'd have a Keynesian effect -- a multiplier effect. It didn't," Charles Krauthammer said on FOX News.
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    Krauthammer is just a shill for the Republican Party. I'm no fan of Obama but also realize that another neocon Bush clone will not be an improvement.
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    You're doing it wrong!
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    Charles has a knack for ferreting out the truth in a politician.
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    Liar. When have I ever supported Obama?
  6. Is he the guy on the wheel chair? If so, he also said Iraq had WMD. Do you remember the iraq mushroom cloud propanganda. He was a drummer for the war? Probably because he thought it was good for the country (not USA).

    Once wrong/liar, always ....
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    You dis the Republicans so much it would be logical for one to consider you an Obama fan.
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  9. Krauthammer is neocon scum. Him and dick morris need to die.
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    You are one of those idiots who think that if someone criticizes one party then he must be partisan to the other. The only politician in congress that represents my interests is Ron Paul, not a big government Democrat or a war mongering neocon Republican.
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