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  1. Some stupid shites overdose on anything. What this country needs is counselors, sex therapists, substance abuse therapists. The problem is in the mind. Some people do anything to numb their thoughts and feelings of shame, inadequacy, past failures, hurts and pain... Some excellent therapists charge 100-140 usd per hour only which equates to what some pay in opioids, drugs, and alcohol in 2-3 days. Just 10-15 hours put most already back on a good course in life. How some do not perceive this as the best deal ever is beyond my comprehension.

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    That whole article... then buried away in the very last line:

    "In most of the kratom-related overdoses, fentanyl was also listed as a cause of death, according to the CDC".

    Imagine what they could have done with the headline if all 100 had eaten at Chipoltes before they punched out.
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