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    No, it was the raw powder. I'm just saying we mixed the powder with hot water per the instructions.
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    Well, nobody and I mean nobody drinks it as tea, I mean the powder. The taste of kratom is so horrible that people keep coming up with different ideas how to take it.(putting it in pills is the best but you may have to take 6+ pills, or mixing it in chocolate milk, orange juice,etc) But any way you take it, they are all similar in one way: they have to be quick.

    Usually people don't drink teas quickly that is why I am wondering just what kind of powder you took. One reason why I gave up experimenting with kratom because I couldn't stand the taste.

    Also it is a trial and error to find the effective dose. Usually you have to take at least 3g, did you guys take at least that much? In local head shops they sell 3gs in 6 pills for $10, that is a cheap way to try it out. Another thing about the effects that it isn't just the weight but the strain too. So there are so many variables (30+ different strains using 3 to 10g dosage) that one try is usually not enough specially if the result was underwhelming.

    Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention that there are at least 3 forms one can get it: leaves, powder and extract (turbo powder).

    Oh, and the making it even more complicated the very same strain has a different effect based on the dosage. Usually less is energizing and more of it is sedative.

    Funny story: I ordered this edible Japanese film called oblate discs. The purpose of it is to roll bad tasting food into it so it can be quickly swallowed. Well, if you know what you are doing. I put the kratom in the film, rolled it up and put it in my mouth. Well, the film stuck to the top of my mouth were it quickly dissolved letting all the powder out. I started to cough and also almost threw up because the taste was so terrible. Needless to say, I never used oblate discs again...

    I think you have to make the film wet first to slide it down quickly.
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    If anybody ever wondered about how big pharma and government drug regulations work together:

    " Let’s talk about the timing on this. The Administration announces a war on opioids. Glaxo Smith Kline owns the patent on the crystallized (manipulated) version of Mitragyna Speciosa. In this patent, it fully describes their scientific testing which shows minimal side effects.
    In fact Glaxo Smith Kline describes it as being harmless compared to many controlled substances. Now let’s look at the FDA Head, Dr. Scott Gottlieb. Prior to his assignment at the FDA, he sat on several big Pharma boards INCLUDING Glaxo Smith Kline. He is also a member of GSKs “New Product Investment Board”. Americans aren’t dumb.
    When you look at this in totality, Dr. Gottlieb knows that Kratom isn’t dangerous, he’s seen this GSK patent, so everyone do the math. This is perfect timing for GSK to release their crystallized version of Kratom as a controlled substance and charge hundreds of dollars for a bottle of crystallized Kratom capsules. And look at who is going to benefit from a ban on raw leaf Kratom. The one and only Glaxo Smith Kline AND Dr. Scott Gottlieb."
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  4. It's pain-staking work to engineer molecules that actually have an effect on physiology.
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    Yeah, it takes for nature a million years. :)
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  6. My point is relying on "mood" as a measure of efficacy is very subjective and's too easy to fool ourselves. Most supplements don't do sh^t...not what we think they are doing. There may be very specific too much Vit C will make clotting a problem.

    The reason we don't perish easily is our physiology is so tightly regulated. That's a strength, not a weakness. Popping these supplements won't do sh^t for your IQ, or health or anything else beyond a healthy diet (most have NO clue) and exercise.

    Are there pills that do work, yes. They have been thru the clinical trials we know they work in many cases :)
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    If Kratom can help people pull themselves out of painkiller addiction, then I'm all for it. I've known a couple of people who've been strung out on oxycontin and it's not a pretty sight.
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    Hm, an interesting review of Agmatine on Amazon, people use it as a kratom potentiator.

    "I was introduced to this as a potentiator for Kratom, and as far as that goes I wasn't very impressed. However, 1 to 1.5 grams of this plus 2-3 grams of Kratom is a dream workout supplement for me, especially for running. I'll start running and all of a sudden I will be 5 miles away from home and still feel like I just started. Specifically it is very easy for me to get into a runner's high. Would definitely recommend for workouts and as an added bonus the 100 gram tub lasts for quite awhile so there's a good value to be had."
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    More & more chronic Opiate addicts are going to Costa Rica to take a trip on Ibogaine (African shrub) which invokes intense hallucinations. When the trip ends most have no withdrawal symptoms and report feeling like they did before they began using drugs, with no desire to use any more. Scientists believes Ibogaine rewires/resets the brains Opiate receptors.
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