Kramer and his demented mind...

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  1. I was listening to some radio show where they replayed Kramer's plea to the Fed....
    He also has a book coming out, and apparently his life is rather unique, shall we say?
    He is however a crazy bastard, when he was running some of his earlier company he disallowed chairs from his meetings to make "comfort" a banished concept...
    He also destroyed several phones and chairs in his rage.
    So, this hyper crazy mofo is on TV to the world to see and emulate. USA fuckism is at its best.

    So according to the new US psychological paradigm all mental disorders where speed, discomfort and efficiency (no matter how deranged) is OK, but slowness, comfort and life is frowned upon. His ratings will go through the roof when finally he will blow a casket on prime TV and his ugly head will blow up.
    Yay, (could we be any more similar to Rome before it's final decline?)
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  3. couldn't agree more...
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    He's just got an extremely high work ethic and he’s very passionate about what he does. If you can’t work for a boss like that just find another job.

    He talks about all that stuff (working at his hedge fund - screaming at employees, breaking phones, getting piss drunk and throwing up at his Christmas party, ect...) in his first book 'confessions of a street addict' (I believe that's the title?).

    And besides, the US needs more hard working individuals like him (well, maybe not that extreme), but god forbid we raise even more young people who just sit in front of video games for 8+ hours a day.
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    Its Cramer, with a 'C'.

    Kramer is the character on Seinfeld.
  6. yea sitting in front of computer screens buying and selling stocks is much more productive...
  7. Exactly my point....
    Now, which is a more likable guy and who would you rather work for?
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    Speaking of Cramer...did anyone hear him on CNBC this morning say "This will be the biggest point gain in the history of the market", referring to today?

    What was the thinking? He sincerely meant that. I realize we're up, but big deal? What's wrong with him?
  9. Pd,

    Knowing he has an audience, he was probably pumping his own longs :)

  10. I read today Cramer saying we now go to dow 14,500 ??

    sorry ... does not compute in my mind esp if he thinks this
    target is reached by the end of the yr
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