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    I like the company, and the volume plus price action has me really wanting to get on board. But I do not understand the options activity. Intense buying at the 35 level. Anyone have any insight into this? It is making me not buy at the moment.
  2. 1) I don't follow the company closely but that ~580,000-lot straddle should be the big "feature" between now and the expiration.

    2) KFT may be able to get "pinned" at $35 a couple of days before expiration. We'll see.
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    Thx, Nazz

    Yea I'm new so this one I'm gonna try and learn as much as I can. Everything I believe in makes me want to trade this and buy. But being new I'm not sure what to believe in heh. Will see how this plays out for whoever is playing the straddle.