Kraft, Alcoa, GE, GM, many others either at all time lows or 30 year lows

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  1. Be honest, did any of you expect things to get this bad?
  2. All those Ameriprise Financial Advisors are bummin' today. :cool:
  3. I did, but I expected it six months from now, once the economy showed no signs of improvement. The market has the best curveball in the history of mankind.
  4. Elite trader will have to change it's no pennystock chit chat or they will go bust themselves.
  5. ROFL, isn't definition of a penny stock anything under $5. LoL

    I'm waiting for GE to hit that level knowing all the fucking Goldilocks on CNBC have been sodimized. I bet you wish you would have cut that dividended now, asshole.
  6. Google worth more than GE now
  7. My money is on a steep collapse of T. It's valuation is too high if every other stock around it has already collapsed.
  8. I hate to say it - yes, despite my bearish tilt, I do not like to see this happening - but I can't say we're near the bottom yet, nor that any of your predictions are crazy.

    GE could hit $5. And that is crazieeeee.
  9. Be honest: do you TRADE?

    Be honest: what are your CURRENT holdings and how are you putting YOUR OWN CAPITAL at risk to back up your doom and gloom cut-n-paste jobs?

    Be honest: what is the purpose of your 30+ posts per day spewing how terrible the markets are? You could be talking your book if you were short. But I don't think that's the case here. I think you secretly get a little tingly thrill knowing that--however insignificant--you are doing your little part to spread a little more panic. And you didn't risk a dime in the process.

    Be honest.
  10. No 1 cares about GE AA GM Kraft.

    The future is google, apple, rimm, ma

    get with the times

    the money follows strength
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