KOSS another criminal pump ala bitcoin

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  1. trades 3x the float already.
  2. check the timestamp. tank from my warn
  3. I am trying to reconstruct the story from this seemingly random collection of words. So far I got this:

    A defense contractor known as "3x already", specializing in manufacturing of floating tanks for the U.S. military, admitted today that the defective fuel pump renders the tank useless in the battlefield. Upon investigation, it was revealed that the Department of Defense paid for the tank in bitcoins, ignoring the warnings from the congressional oversight committee. Apparently, the CEO of "3x already" worships Ala, who is a female demon in Serbian mythology.
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  4. Clearly, the markets have produced yet another victim.

    Recommend bedrest for 6 weeks, and no cnbs.
  5. Overnight


    Nonlinear5 wins the "ET-Most-creative-extrapolation-of-brevity-of-the-month award."
  6. Brevity? That was the long form

    This is brevity

    KOSS scam
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    Up 10% since the original post O' Wizard of Soz
    But it'll come back :D
  8. new hi , will end badly
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    Just bought KOSS! See you at the moon..
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  10. he paid 3.45

    3.10 now.

    typical et 'er
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