kospi issue with IB

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by RedDuke, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. IB currently passes sporadic KOSPI data, no t&s, no volume, charts not updating, but DOM is moving. Anyone else?
  2. Roark


    It's working for me now. It wasn't yesterday.
  3. Did you do anything?

    IB TWS has no volume displayed for March contract????
  4. Just took this from the sim platform.
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  5. Once I shut down tws and restarted it, all went back to normal. Have never seen such issue yet.
  6. live k200 ( not sim )

    edit: just noticed your last post Red
  7. Appear to be having the same issue with HKFE products: HSI & HHI

    Restart did not fix the issue.
  8. Roark


    Anybody kill it on kospi today? Looks like the position to take was short. It's a lonely contract to trade. Apparently there are only two or three people that trade it that speak English.
  9. Thanks for the screen shots.
  10. I suggest calling customer service. Please post back here if they provide ant info.
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