KOSPI Future

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by jakeglb, Mar 19, 2012.

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    Is there anybody trading The KOSPI Future?
    I was wondering if it is similar to the DAX regarding liquidity/volatility/marketvalue

    Is there any Kospi product on Eurex that can be traded?
  2. Yep, since August 2010 Eurex started to trade the KoSpi 200 derivatives, and its actually one of the highly valued product amongh the tradings between Eurex and Asian market.
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    thanks mate
  4. KOSPI options are much more heavily traded than are KOSPI futures.

    Usually it is the other way around.
  5. excellent point. pretty sure you need an IB account to trade them b/c you're trading a KRW based product. you can use another broker but i frankly trust ib more than anyone else.
  6. Just want to point out KRX is quintupling the multiplier for their KOSPI options. May and June contracts are now the only ones that still use the old,smaller multiplier. So I can imgaine they have just lost most of their appeal comapred to futures.