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  1. i am subscribed to korea and i can see quotes for the k200 yet when i try to place an order a message pops up sayin' i have no trading permissions. it is free apparently, so i dont understand; can some1 explain why i cant trade it?


    on ib obviously.
  2. Koreans don't like Italians.


  3. ror, u got a point there...maybe they are jealous.
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    if you also subscribed to trade the product and still can't place an order, why don't you contact the help desk so they can sort things out. Usually it is just a form that needs to be signed or a box ticked off electronically.
  5. oh, allright thx for the suggestion, will do.

  6. yeah my mistake, didnt check the box under trading permissions, only that on data subscription.

    thx again