Kospi closed? (Nov12/'09)

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Sell 'em, Nov 11, 2009.

  1. The Korean exchange hasn't opened this morning, but the exchange doesn't list today as a holiday.

    Anyone know what is up?

    November options expire today ... what a terrible day for an outage if that's what this is ...
  2. r2d2


    Opening delayed by one hour due to nationwide college examination.
  3. Much thks ...
  4. Ehhh ... I didn't get the part about also staying open another hour. Is this info available on the Korean Stock Exchange website? Otherwise, how best for us non-Korean speakers to stay on top of schedule changes like this?

    I had a great day trading Kospi, but knowing the schedule would have removed a lot of stress.
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    If you go to www.krx.co.kr then switch to English it comes up in a pop up, last year the pop was in Korean only :D This year its in English as well.

    Did you like the close out on the Nov options.
  6. Kindly point out where on that website is mention of altered trading times today ... I don't see it.
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    Its a pop up screen
  8. Thks for the help all. I'm just gonna have to try better and stay on top of this.
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    It only happens once a year