Kospi closed? (March 12/2010)

Discussion in 'Trading' started by RedDuke, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. RedDuke


    There is not market data. Does anyone know why? There is no holiday, just checked the calendar.

  2. LOL I just posted the same question on that other thread.

    You're right there's no action but I can't find a reason why.
  3. RedDuke


    It is kinda weird. There was a delay in opening by 1 hour on November 12th, due to nation wide examination. Winder if this is something similar. I checked krx website, but could not see anything.
  4. r2d2


    Technical problems at IB, apparently...
  5. r2d2


  6. There's bid/ask activity on the JUN10 now.
    It looks like MAR10 expired.
  7. There's a 30 minute gap in the chart for JUN that's kinda weird.
  8. ramora


    What is the best financial calendar or source of news in English for kospi?

    Thank you,
  9. I'm hoping you just got the lingo mixed up since you've been here since 2004. .

    Just an FYI, it did not expire today. Today was rollover day. The march contract will expire next Friday.
  10. spinn


    Are you guys sweat hogs?

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