Kospi 200 index to trade on Globex?

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  1. Hi does anyone know if this is true and when thgey will be availible to trade?

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  3. I just found this so I may start holding my breath

    " the CME Group and the Korea Exchange ( KRX ) agreed to list futures on the Kospi 200 stock index on the CME’s Globex electronic trading platform. “The addition of the Korea Exchange’s Kospi 200 contract onto CME Globex will be an important part of our continued global expansion,” said Terry Duffy, CME Group executive chairman . “The addition of the KOSPI 200 futures will offer yet another key market to our electronic trading customers worldwide.”
    ospi 200 futures have traded more than 32 million contracts year-to-date through August and the underlying index is the basis for Kospi 200 options, which has the most volume of any derivatives contract in the world. Donohue says that while there is nothing preventing the two exchanges from additional listings. “We are focusing on the agreement reached on futures,” he says.

    The agreement will allow for the global distribution of Kospi futures on Globex, though U.S. customers trading within the United States will not be able to access the contract until a no-action letter from the CFTC, which is pending, is granted. KRX Chairman and CEO Young- Tak Lee says that there is still work to be done by the Korean regulators, but hopes to get the no-action designation by the end of the year. Donohue added that he hopes the agreement would help move the regulatory process along.

  4. Was it not out of regular trading hours only?
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    Although it's good news I'll believe it when I can actually place a Kospi trade. I've been hearing "soon" for about 3 years. Unfortunately the CFTC prefers to drag its feet in this case.
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    doesn't look like they get around anything, maybe other broker needs to catch up to them.
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