Kosovo in light of coming war.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by TraderD, Mar 6, 2003.

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    In light of possible war, I think it is important to take a brief look at recent history.

    The war supporters throw around examples like this:"... look we went in Kosovo and got things done... bla bla.."

    IMHO Kosovo was a total f*ck up. Only after the war it became clear that reports of mass graves were greatly overblown. Do not get me wrong, I do not dispute atrocities which happened there. But they were just an excuse for a war before 50th NATO summit. US carefully swept everything under the rug, and called it "job well done" on the stupid evening news for a Joe-six-pack who could not even point out Kosovo on the map. So much PR and brainwashing.

    Unfortunately this war (or its consequences in the years ahead) will not be easy to sweep under the rug. I live here in the US; I do not want to become a target more than I already am.
  2. you already ARE a target, this war happening or not won't do a damn thing to change that.

    if you cannot grasp that simple fact then i'm afraid you have no idea of what you talk.
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    "I do not want to become a target MORE than I already am." And this war WILL make thngs much worse. Can you grasp that fact?
  4. The irony here is that we are more of a target as a result of our 'liberation' of Kosovo!

    Kosovo is now a KLA/ Al-Quida stronghold & safe-haven , which <b>we </b> created for them.

    As far as Iraq, I can see the dangers, but I'm in favor of attacking them.