Korean, singapore, and indonesian banks on the brink now asia is going

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  1. ok whats next, there are large korean, singapore, and indonesian banks on the brink. and you have hk, banks already over the line. Its incredible how connected we are.
  2. We need a New World Order!
  3. poyayan


    There are no banks in Asia that need rescue yet. I don't know where you heard that news. On the other hand, it is possible that there are skeletons still in the closet.
  4. Are u going to post an article or provide some resource?

    Old news, no news, no value
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    A lot of the toxic waste that was written reamians unnacounted for. perhaps the failure of Yamato life gives a clue as to who might have been holding it. Japanese banks/institutions are yield pigs.
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    where's the news on Singapore banks? wild post no justification.
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