Korean Kospi 200 Futures Now Available for US-based Customers...

Discussion in 'Events' started by Steve_IB, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. Steve_IB

    Steve_IB Interactive Brokers

    The CFTC has recently approved the trading of Korean Kospi 200 Futures by US residents. Interactive Brokers is now making this product available to its US customers.

    You can sign up via Account Management!
  2. moarla


    isnt it amazing that someone has to approve that some citizen can trade something....
    US is a little bit crazy this times


    here in europe i dont have to ask nobody....
  3. RedDuke


    Hi Steve,

    Are you also planning to offer options on KOSPI? They are one of the most liquid derivatives in the world?

  4. def

    def Sponsor

    We do offer Kospi options to clients but unfortunately they are cash settled index options and US residents are unable to trade them. (ie. the no action letter is just for the futures)
  5. RedDuke


    Hi Def,

    Thanks. I was wondering why I could not see them. The interesting thing i heard about them is that they are so liquid that they can be traded as it they were futures.

  6. bidask


    why is it the most liquid derivative in the world?
  7. RedDuke


    Last time I checked it was doing easily 1.5 mil contracts per day on both call and put. There is a thread called trade kopi options as futures, check it out.
  8. Wow, impressive
  9. bidask


    i meant why is it doing 1.5 mil contracts per day? it's only the tiny korean market.
  10. Surdo


    I do not see it on Ninja Trader yet.
    #10     Dec 10, 2008