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    I'm interested in trading the KOSPI200 through my IB account, but I have some questions:

    1. Will my stock trades in the KOSPI count as day trades in pattern day trading rule?

    2. I'd rather trade a KOSPI ETF that follows the KOSPI, rather than trading regular stocks or the index future. Does KOSPI offer an ETF that follows the moves of the KOSPI, like the DIA ETF follows the moves of the DOW?
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  3. How can an etf follow the Kospi when the Korean exchange is closed while US is open?

    You just end up playing games most of the time, that's all.

    Unless you mean longer term bagholding type investing, then yeah, it "follows".
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    op - koran exchange an exchange for all moslem countries?

    are you predicting a new exchange?
  5. Perhaps those trading on it will be able to book prophets.
  6. Love it! :p
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    I think you can buy shares in radical terrorists on the koran exchange. That would allow you to participate in any rape and pillage through those shares.
  8. Hilarious.

  9. Good pun.

    We want to book PROFITS, not prophets! :) Easier said than done on the KOSPI.
  10. Trading KOSPI futures will not interfere with the pattern day trading rule.

    That said, trading the KOSPI is quite different than trading US stocks and even US e-minis like the ES.
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