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  1. Hello all. I want to let it be known now that this is for the

    most part, a paper traded strategy, as it's still new. I'm working

    on fixing any kinks.
    I use something I call time/price analysis.

    I take a trend (mostly daily) and find the low, and the high of

    that trend. I then calculate the % change, and divide that by the

    number of months that trend lasted for, getting an average %

    growth per month. for example gs on daily. Low on 11/28/08 @

    47.41, and a high at 10/14/09 @ 193.60..a % change of

    308.35% in about 11.5 to 12 months, which is an average of

    about 25.6% a month. I then take that 25.6 and divide by 3 to

    get 8.5%. This is so I can set a conservative yet reasonable

    growth expectations. most if not all the trades will be held for 3


    current holdings:

    3 WYNN june 70 calls @ 7.5

    3 OIH april 130 calls @ 6.4

    3 GS april 180 calls @ 9.25

    3 NFLX june 52.50 calls @ 5.50

    todays PnL (unrealized)

    wynn (-75)
    OIH +547.50
    GS -(150)
    NFLX +225
  2. bought 3 june 115 FSLR calls.