$$Kongrats to all the $$ Dipsters$$$

Discussion in 'Trading' started by aeliodon, May 10, 2007.

  1. $$ Kongrats to all mah friendz daht buy all the free $$$$ dips for no risk$$$$ its free $$$$ spic guatantee $$$$ can't go wrong - heps to pay for the girlfriends $$ and the rent too $$$$
  2. You pay rent!!!
  3. I think he should pay for English classes.
  4. +1350 points until yesterday
    now down 107 points? :confused:

    I won't get too excited just yet. Glad I shorted but I just covered. I'm not holding my shorts.
  5. Kongrats again to all the dip$ter$ !!!! put your hand up on mah hip, when i dip you dip we dip $$$free money$$$$
  6. congrats once AGAIN to all ZERO RISK dip buyers collecting free money $$$$$

    dont listen to all the negative permashorts who lose money all the time..


  7. youre welcome $$$
  8. Dipsters rule$$
  9. DDM...
  10. what exactly is buying a dip?
    #10     May 17, 2007