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  1. I was watching a movie when my old dell inspiron 1501 computer screen went black.

    When I tried to restart it, I got an option message that said the software was damaged and
    I could either try to start it again normally or let it repair itself. Well neither option worked and I tried this many times.

    At this point I figured that I might be able to reinstall the Vista operating system but this didn't work either. It won't activate the disc when I try,

    I've been told that in this case there is still a way to get the computer to boot off the
    disc but I don't know how to do it.

    Can anyone please help me solve this problem.

    All replies are appreciate.
  2. I can't help you. But what movie was it? Really bad I guess...
  3. Pekelo


    You said old dell, so save the hard drive and buy a newer computer. you can transfer the important data with a special cabel... There is really no point in saving old computers, unless you actually know what you are doing or it is your hobby.
  4. Thanks for the replies. No data of any value on it. Just use it to watch movies and read emails.

  5. Thanks Frank

    I'l check it out after I'm through with the market this morning.
  6. How old is it? They still make those.
  7. I bought it in 2004. Got any ideas how to fix this thing.
  8. Bring up the BIOS Setup Screen by pressing Del (F1 on some BIOS's) right after powering on.
  9. Computers age faster than anything except maybe milk or unfrozen seafood.

    Your relic is obsolete, save the data and the cheapest system in your local computer store will outperform it by a very large magnitude.
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