Kofi's on the job - we are all saved...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by niceneasy, Sep 19, 2006.

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    At least you have Bush to save your ass?

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    Yep, Bush the Saviour!!! ROTFLMAO!! :D

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    ofcourse we have to keep on with Bush. After all he's the Saviour!! Right?!!! ROTFLMAO!!! :D

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  4. Bush is the saviour... of haliburton, exxon mobile, the saudi royal family, carlisle group and of the likes.... :D
  5. The difference is we voted Bush into office. Koffi Annan and the corrupt bureaucrats of the UN are beyond the control of US voters, yet they leech huge amounts of money from us, even as they try to thwart our goals all over the world. They support the most repressive regimes in the world for the Human Rights Commission, rendering it a joke. Their corruption destroyed the oil sanctions on Iraq and made war more likely. They have proven useless in preventing Iran from acquiring nukes.

    The US should withdraw from the UN and invite it to relocate its headquarters elsewhere. The only people who would be hurt would be high priced NY call girls.

    The US and other civilized democracies could form a group to coordinate foreign policies.
  6. The key word here is "civilized". With torture, renditions and other assorted goodies under our belt, can we join the club of "civilized"? Or will we be grouped together with the barbarians like Saddam and the similar despots who support torture, renditions and other inhumane treatment? From what I read about the Canadian resident being detained and tortured, if proven true, is a real black mark against us and it will be difficult for us to join the group of "civilized" nations. :D
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    And your man Kerry would thus be the saviour of abortionists, the homosexual agenda, not to mention hamas and hezbollah. Now the really QUEER thing is, you would probably aprove of this salvation.
  8. I can understand your problem with hamas and hezbollah... and no.. Kerry wouldn't have been their savior. However, I am sure he would have been the savior of the abortion supporters and the gays. Now, what is the problem with gay people? Do you hate them? Or maybe I am mistaken... you are saying "homosexual agenda". What do you mean by that? By emphasizing on that word "QUEER", you seem to be stressing that you dislike these people... or perhaps, you are just scared that your latent sexuality will get exposed if you don't hate it strong enough? :D
  9. bsmeter


    The USA manufactured the UN for its own benefit, so it might as well fund it.

    "thwart your goals"?!!

    ROTFLMAO!! The only "goals" you have are genocide and creating internal disruption and strife in third world countries that your oil men want to rape.
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