KODK gimme my Kodachrome mama

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  1. All over the 5 options since the breakout

    Huge gainer. Sorry, no time to post here while I trade
  2. This market is golden
  3. When there was actually music in the world
  4. posted live for all to benefit in the Free room
  5. In at around .45

  6. 2.65 now. still holding

    HODL ing

    I am the best. proved
  7. p , in the free room, we bawt some very cheap warrants, way underpriced.
  8. zdreg


    typical. after it quadrupled you post.
    why don't you post live?
    I hear too busy.
  9. toc


    Congratulations a many !!

    However, I hate trading the symmetrical triangles as the break out can be either direction. KODK on 5 min. chart had a gap on the downside so would take go real resolve to go long.
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